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The idea for Feecation.com was born when our team members recognized the fact that traveling seems to be evolving into a more stressful customer experience as time goes on. We also recognized that one of the biggest pain points in the travel experience are the dreaded additional fees. Beginning in 2008, many major US airlines introduced a fee to check a bag for the first time. Since then, "fees" seem to have made their way into every travel provider’s vocabulary. We created Feecation.com so you no longer have to worry about those costly, incremental fees and to provide you a more enjoyable travel experience.

If you’re not already a subscriber of Feecation.com, go on and give us a try. We promise that we spend every day striving to provide you the best customer experience possible and will continue to develop Feecation.com in efforts to enhance your travel experience as much as we possibly can. If you are a subscriber, we truly hope you are enjoying your Feecation!

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The Feecation.com Team

Feecation.com Team is a Clarus Commerce company. At Clarus Commerce, our team strives to make everyday consumer experiences better for any customer who touches our products. If you’d like to learn more about Clarus Commerce be sure to check us out at Clarus Commerce