Frequently Asked Questions

General Subscription Questions

Why should I become a subscriber of
As a subscriber, you can save over $1000 a year in various incremental travel fees over the course of your yearly subscription through our easy cash-back rebate program. We cover fees associated with Air, Hotel, Car and Wi-Fi, and even offer you a Parking Finder tool making your entire travel experience more enjoyable.
I have a question, whom should I contact?
You may contact our Customer Service team at any time by email at [email protected] 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
How can I cancel my subscription?
You can cancel your subscription at any time by visiting the “Customer Service” page or by emailing customer service at [email protected].

Cash Back Rebates

How do I submit a claim for a cash back rebate?
You can submit a rebate under the “Submit a Rebate” section of the dashboard. Don’t forget to email your backup documentation to us at [email protected]
What types of fees are covered as part of my subscription?
We cover just about every annoying fee related to travel that you can think of, even ones you may have never heard of before! Here are a few examples.
  • Air: Including checked bag fees, seat upgrades, booking fees and more.
  • Hotel: Including Booking fees, Cancellation fees, Early Check-In and more.
  • Car: Including late drop-off fees, GPS, equipment rentals and more.
  • Wi-Fi: Including usage at airport, hotel, in-flight and more.
For a full list, see our Subscription Benefits under Terms of Service
Will I get the full amount covered for each claim I submit?
Your yearly subscription covers up to $500 back in Airline fee rebates, at $10 per instance. In addition, you’ll receive up to $250 back in each category of Hotel, Car and Wi-Fi over the course of your yearly subscription, at $10 per instance. Claims over $10 will be accepted, but the maximum rebate return per instance is $10.
Is there a limit on how many claims I can submit?
There is no limit on the number of claims you can submit, however your subscription covers up to a certain dollar amount per year in each category we cover:
  • Air- $500 per yearly subscription
  • Hotel- $250 per yearly subscription
  • Rental Car- $250 per yearly subscription
  • Wi-Fi- $250 per yearly subscription
When will I receive my rebate?
Our goal is to get you your rebate check as quickly as possible, but we ask that you allow 4-6 weeks for processing from the date we receive acceptable documentation. If you would like to check the status of your rebate, click here

Other Benefits

What is Parking Finder?
The Parking Finder is a fun little tool that helps you find local parking and provides information such as address, phone number, parking rates, vacancies and more about each local parking facility.
How do I use Parking Finder?
Simply visit the home screen of and select the Parking Finder link. Type in the zip code or city/state for the area in which you are looking to park, or allow you mobile device to find your current location. Then simply browse the map or list of results to find the parking that works best for you.