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Have you experienced incremental fees while traveling? These fees can add up quickly, leaving little funds left over for you to enjoy at your destination. With, you can save over $1,250 per year in travel fees! Want to know how? Here’s a look at just some of the benefits you’ll receive as a subscriber:

Hotel Fees

Squeezing in a 5th guest? Planning to sleep in and check out late? Get the most out of your next hotel stay with Feecation. We’ll give you up to $10 cash back for each of these fees, and many others, when you stay with any major US hotel.

Wi-Fi Fees

Can’t justify spending $10 on Wi-Fi to check your Facebook news feed? Go for it! We’ll give you up to $10 cash back anytime you access Wi-Fi, even in-air! #BragAboutYourVacationAllYouWant

Airline Fees

Feel better about checking your bags, traveling with overweight luggage and getting seat upgrades knowing is there to help out with the cost. We accept charges from all domestic airlines.

Car Rental Fees

Stuck in traffic and going to miss your return time? Want to add a second driver? Need a car seat? No worries. We’ll give you up to $10 cash back for any of those charges, plus more, any time you rent a car from a US car rental company.

Parking Finder

Are you in Middle of Nowhere, USA and need to find the nearest parking? Don’t fret, just go into our Parking Finder, enter your location and find local parking rates, hours, vacancies and more right at your fingertips!

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